No LOCAL_POSITION_NED messages on telemetry links for hexacopters


During the last 8 months, I have been using LOCAL_POSITION_NED message from HITL Quadcopter and from my Quadcopter successfully.

Now I’m trying to fly a hexacopter drone (DJI S900). If i use the remote control everything is fine. But my companion computer no longer sees LOCAL_POSITION_NED messages (#32)

My companion wait for few messages before starting to communicate with autopilot (HEARTBEAT, ATTITUDE, LOCAL_POSITION_NED, SYSTEM_STATUS, HOME_POSITION, GLOBAL_POSITION_INT).

As I have seen that LOCAL_POSITION_NED was no longer send, I’ve waited on GLOBAL_POSITION_INT before requesting a refresh rate of 66 ms for the message LOCAL_POSITION_NED (this was also performed on the quadcopter, but only after a first LOCAL_POSITION_NED message was received once). After this I received the message with a refresh rate of 0.0 to 0.2 Hz according to MavlinkInspector.

This is way too low to control drone position.

I’m using version 1.4.4 of px4 flight stack for HITL quad, quadcopter and hexacopter.

Is there a way to reenable this message, through the parameters or nuttx shell? Perhaps it’s handled in one module not loaded in the hexacopter configuration ? If yes which one is it ?

Thank you for your help

My bad, after one whole day searching for how to reenable this message, I have seen I had forgotten to set Telem 2 as Companion…

Nuttx startup messages were usefull as they showed Telem 2 was set to OSD during startup

Now it’s working like a charm