New Pixhawk 4 Mini

So I finally got my brand new PX4 FC to work. All I had to do is go out and buy a 64 bit computer and run QGROUNDCONTROL and load PX4 firmware instead of Arducopter. It loaded right up, all the IO ports work. It calibrated and everything. And guess what? I like QGC better than Mission planner! It’s sharper looking. Much more user friendly and so far, less glitches. Glad I bought the new computer.

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QGC is available on mobile, tablets, and all the major OS. You could also try flashing from the command line by downloading the PX4 source code abs building yourself, or downloading a release from GitHub and using the uploading tools found on our source code

The solution was to buy a new , 64 bit computer. QGC loads right up, the latest firmware downloads just fine and the controller calibrated up just fine. So far, I like QGC better than MP. It was worth investing in a new computer.