New dev call time and format

Hi All,

I would like to propose a new dev call time and format to re-align the dev call with our main contributors:

  • Time suitable for EU and US office hours
  • A new two part call:
    • First half: Flight Operations. This involves quickly discussing flight logs and touching base. All companies using PX4 should contribute there and share their flight experience. We will de-brief then all logs within 24 hours and follow up with bilateral calls where necessary.
    • Second half: Software Development. This will focus on issue reports and new features
  • Higher engagement: I will reach out to our development partners and companies and stress the significance of them sending a participant to the call. As we move faster and faster in the platform development we need a higher level of engagement.

Are there further comments?

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What are the proposed timings?

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Although I’ve quickly mentioned this on a recent dev call, feedback is sparse. So I’m just going to propose something that might get things rolling:

Tuesday, 5pm CET, 8am PDT

I’m hoping too that US would also favour Tuesday morning instead of Monday (where everybody wants something ;))?

What is the call-in detail?

@Jinger_Zeng you find it here:

Any opinions on this?

I would like to participate in the dev calls, but usually can’t make it at 7pm CET. 5pm (any day) would be much better.

Trying again to figure out if we can move the Dev Call to a different time and week day with a simple poll, please everybody vote :slight_smile:

  • Leave it as is
  • Move it to Tuesday 5pm CET, 11am EST, 8am PDT
  • Move it to some other day/time

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Is it possible that you could take Asian time into account? thanks.

Thanks for voting guys, we decided to move the general Dev Call to Tuesday 5pm CET, 11:00am EST, 8:00am PDT, 0:00am HKT. That means the next call will be on Tuesday Feb. 21.

Sorry if this doesn’t work for somebody, but there’s not much we can do otherwise. Maybe in a later form there can be different general calls.

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