Need help PID Tuning EKF Tuning

Hi there,

i am trying to fly my pixhawk for like 2 weeks now without any results.
I am trying to fly my copter in acro mode. It is a pixhawk 2.4.6 mounted on a 250 X-Frame using Tmotor F60 and 5040props.
The Copter is vibrating at a very high frequency. When I decrease pitch&roll-rate-P it is still oscilating at low frequency. When I then increase pitch&roll-rate-D it gets instable immeadiately.

I think the filters are not tuned correctly, as the pitch and roll rates seem very noisy. It is so noisy I can’t use the D-Gain, which is needed for stabilization.

I tried to tune the EKF parameters by increasing and Decreasing EKF_TAU_ and EKF_ACC_NOISE but there is no improvement.

Any suggestions?
Here is my lates log

Thank you very much


Sorry if this is basic but have you tried tuning the copter in stabilized mode? I’m pretty sure you’d see better results.

Then you can re tune in acro mode

Hello !
Did you solve this ? I am also in the middle of tuning.