MRO Control Zero H7 - Handling USART6

I am programming a driver in PX4 to be run on mro-ctrl-zero-h7 board, in order to manage a serial sensor attached on USART6 (pin 8 and 10 of REAR connector).

According to the documentation USART6 should be mapped on /dev/ttyS3. Unfortunately it seems like the input is overlapped with the RC input, which is by default also set to use the /dev/ttyS3 as defined in the “/boards/mro/ctrl-zero-h7/src/board_config.h” (#define RC_SERIAL_PORT “/dev/ttyS3”). The RC is physically connected to the pin 3 of the FRONT connector and it is correctly working with this default setting, with a PPM signal.

In conclusion I am not sure about how to correctly handle separately the USART6 of MRO Control Zero H7 in PX4 without conflicting with the RC. Of course I need both signals.

FYI, the same board with Ardupilot is correctly handling all the devices with the very same hardware configuration…

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