Mount control plugin broadcast to every TELEM ports

We have the setup with Mavlink enabled gimbal/mount (Gremsy T3V2). Using the Mount plugin with RC input and Mavlink v1 output we are able to operate the Mount correctly.

Problem is that the MAV_CMD_DO_MOUNT_CONTROL message is broadcast on every Mavlink TELEM port. This message generated from the Mount plugin is on 20Hz and overloads my LoRa telemetry radio channel.

I have checked that gimbal is sending a HEARTBEAT message with the correct SysID and CompID, which is configured in the Mount plugin, so the SysID and CompID match in DO_MOUNT_CONTROL and HEARTBEAT messages.

My expectation is that the Mavlink subsystem in PX4 is capable to sense, according to received HEARTBEAT messages, on which physical port is the receiver of such message and aim the message only on such port.

Is such a feature implemented in the Mavlink module?

Is there such a configuration to be checked? Or any workaround?

Thanks for any reaction.