Motors not spinning at same rate

Hi everyone. Lately I have been testing 2 configs hexa with (tmotor N501-s) and octo coax with Tmotor U15.

When I start moving throttle the motors don’t spin at the same rate. This happens only at low throttle setting. For example. If I am doing auto takeoff, it happens that vehicle banks to one side as one motor is turning slower, then it readjusts thrust and takes off properly. This happens few times and then afterwards it takes off normally. Same situation in manual and auto takeoff.

Any ideas? Was not able to find this info on forum.

I recommend you post a log file.
Impossible to say without more information.

Issue resolved with setting PWM_MIN.
Thanks for the help.

LOL not sure if I helped you but thanks.
It’s always good when you get back and report the solution.