Motors do not turn back on after soft reboot


We are using a pixracer for a drone we made. The motors turn on and work as they should when the batteries are first plugged in, but when doing a soft reboot via Qgroundcontrol, the vehicle reboots itself, but the motors do not turn back on. The only way we can get the motors to turn back on is by arming the vehicle and throttling up, which then causes the motors to beep and then they turn on and work as they should. Has anyone else every experienced this issue?

Thanks for any feedback.

I would guess that the ESCs do not like if PWM disappears for a while during the soft reboot. Not sure what you can do about it.


Someone suggested trying to setup DSHOT to help solve this issue. We are trying to do this now, but when turning the parameter to use DSHOT 1200, no motors spin when armed. We are using the DALRC Engine Pro 40A 3-5s BLHeli32 4-in-1 ESC w/ 5v 3A BEC, and a Pixracer. Any ideas why we cannot use DSHOT?