Mission item acceptance radius

I would like to set the acceptance radius of mission items to an arbitrary number. Is there a special reason that MissionItemImpl::get_mavlink_param2() returns 1.0f or 3.0f depending on the fligh_through state? I could solve this with an extra member variable of the MissionItem class containing the acceptance radius that is then returned in the get_mavlink_param2() function. But first I wanted to ask if there is a special reason to implement it the other way.


Good question. I just picked these values at the time because I thought they made sense.

What would you like to change? Or what are you trying to achieve? Do you need more or less accuracy? Maybe we need a config option for the 1m default.

Thanks for the quick reply!
I would like to be able to set the acceptance radius for each mission item to an arbitrary value, not just 2 hardcoded ones. For example by creating a function set_acceptance_radius(float radius) of the MissionItem and MissionItemImpl class. This would set a member variable _acceptance_radius of the MissionItemImpl class that then can be used to set the second parameter of the MAVLink message when the mission is uploaded

Yes that’s probably a good idea. I’m still curious if you need it more accurate or less? :smile:

Less accurate, the idea is to make fly by waypoints for a project im working on. They would be more in the area of 15 meters

Ok got it. Sounds like we need a tuning know API :smile:

I made an issue on GitHub. https://github.com/Dronecode/DronecodeSDK/issues/713

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