MISSING Aux Out from Log file

Hello guys,

I asked this question on PX4users, but I suppose here will be the new place to have the discussions going.

So I cannot seem to find a way to see Aux.Out bus in the log file in order to analize what my servos connected to Aux1 and Aux2 are receiving from the Pixhawk.

I enabled extended logging in the PX4 but this did not solve the problem.

Is there a way to see the Aux Outs somehow?

Thanks in advance,


I believe there is a PR for this. I was thinking about it today, I will see that this gets merged.

Perfect! I’m waiting for it :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply.


Would you mind giving this a try?

Could you try this PR for me? I just want to make sure it works before we merge it.

Is it in the master now? I will try it today.