Micrortps_client: uORB instance --> ros2 topics


Simple question. How does the micrortps_client (or other mechanism) select what instance of an uORB topic to forward over the RTPS interface?

For an instance, if there are three ‘vehicle_imu’ uORB instances, only one instance is actually published over the RTPS link. This seems to be the case when checking the sensor IDs that ends up on the ROS2 topic.

It will only select instance 0. We do not support multi-instances in the bridge yet.

Great! Thanks for the clarification!

Perhaps you can also clarify if instance 0 always will be the same sensor(s) from boot-up to boot-up?

Is there any news about controlling different PX4 instances via RTPS bridge ?
When launching different instances, I notice that only instance 0 can be controlled via ros2 offboard program. However, different micrortps_client are launched according to the different instances, also the connection between ros2 program and micrortps_agents is well established.

Thank you