Maxsonnar I2s Build from source

I apologize for the language, I’m writing through an interpreter.

I need to connect Maxsonnar I2s to Pixhack.

In Ubunt he installed all the programs. I downloaded the source.
I commented on Maxsonnar driver.
Compiled the binary.
I installed firmware at Pixhack.
There are several problems:

  1. In the summary table, the firmware number is 1.6.5beta (not 1.6.5dev)?
  2. The summary table shows only one external compass (in the default firmware, three compasses)
  3. Changed “in front” and “back” quadcopter. I had to turn 180 degrees Pixhack in the program.
  4. Sonar works and it pleases.

I dont know. Can I fly with such firmware?