Mavlink module argument question, what does -x do?

Here is the line of code:

static void usage()
PX4_INFO(“usage: mavlink {start|status|stream|stop-all|boot_complete}”);
PX4_INFO(" [-d device]");
#ifdef __PX4_POSIX
PX4_INFO(" [-u network_port]");
PX4_INFO(" [-o remote_port]");
PX4_INFO(" [-t partner_ip]");
PX4_INFO(" [-b baudrate]");
PX4_INFO(" [-r rate]");
PX4_INFO(" [-m mode]");
PX4_INFO(" [-s stream]");
PX4_INFO(" [-f]");
PX4_INFO(" [-p]");
PX4_INFO(" [-v]");
PX4_INFO(" [-w]");
PX4_INFO(" [-x]");

I notice the command to start communication over USB uses the -x argument, this is the line: mavlink start -r 800000 -d /dev/ttyACM0 -m config -x


What does this -x argument do??? Thanks.

Respectively I was wondering what all other Flags do, as there is no Docu on -f / -p / -v / -w / -x

I got a response of the -x, it enables MAVLINK FTP

Yes there is:

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