Mavlink Iridium Simplex or Duplex?

I’ve come across the Iridium driver and the Rockblock modem (
and I would like to learn more about using them

From what I can tell the iridium driver can be used to send mavlink status messages as defined in /message_definitions/common.xml in message type HIGH_LATENCY

Is it also possible to send mavlink commands to the unit via iridium?
If so, would I be able to configure QGC to send the commands somehow (via a Rockblock modem? ) or would I have to use the Rock 7 web interface?


Yes, you can send and receive, although I’ve only tested sending messages from PX4 back to Rockblock (mavlink HIGH_LATENCY).

The missing piece is getting those messages from the Rockblock service to QGC via their HTTP API.

Then for sending messages from QGC back to Rockblock we’ll want special behaviour to limit what is sent over the limited connection.