LPE 1.5.5 vs LPE 1.6.3

Here are the respective logs for the exact same airframe one with LPE 1.5.5 and the other is 1.6.3. Parameters are the same, all the physical things are the same.



  • Attitude control I’ve experienced is especially very bad in 1.6.3 in contrast to 1.5.5. Raw gyro and raw accelerometer data amplitude has more than doubled, as well as the actuator outputs main.
  • While flying in position control mode, 1.5.5 wouldn’t allow me to go above a certain speed, which in turn enables copter to gracefully stop at position when I release the stick. In 1.6.3, it certainly does allow me to go at a higher speed, and even though I try to travel at the same speed as 1.5.5 had allowed, the copter tilts more than 45 degrees to level attitude when I release the stick to stop at position.
  • I have also tried 1.6.3 EKF2 and the results are similar with 1.6.3 LPE, so I don’t think it’s an estimator related issue.

For me, the change from 1.5.5 to 1.6.3 was a huge leap, therefore it would be very helpful if someone could assist me because new parameters are introduced since then, and I can’t really figure out what to change.

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Hi @deksprime
is your copter working fine with v1.6.3 ?


Unfortunately the copter isn’t working as stable in 1.6.3. I know that many things have changed since 1.5.5, but I would expect a much better transition since I use the same estimators and the exact same parameters.

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having the same issue brother not stable in v 1.6.3 and my v1.5.5 isn’t working so i am stuck