Limited Servo/RPM Range in 'Stabilized' Flight Mode

Hello PX community,

i am currently working on a project called the “Flying Hook” at a large aircraft company. It is a self-stabilizing augmentation system for hoist/longline operations on Helicopters. Basically a chubby looking drone-ish thing getting attached to the end of your rope.
Its no plane and no drone/heli setup as commonly used, so it has its own unique challenges :wink:

Nevertheless, one of the issues i have is that when i switch from “manual” to “stabilized” mode, the PX somehow limits the range of RPM i can use on my motors/engines.
I understand that this is to ensure that the controller always has reserves in both directions to stabilize, but the amount that gets blocked is just too much for our purposes, since its greatly reduces the area in which our vehicle can move.

is there a way to modify this limit?

Thank you all in advance and have a great day!