Level flight with inherent roll

I have an airframe that has some roll to the left when all deflection surfaces are neutral while I’m flying it. Naturally I compensate by trimming the deflection surfaces and it flys level and then stabilize and the auto missions fly just as perfect. The question is I often try new software revisions (master, etc) as well as slightly different models (Chinese foam planes are never really the same from one to the next…) if I use the same settings except leaving trim out from my one plane to the next one (assuming I build it correctly), will the software self correct for any roll when in stabilized or auto? I’m curious because it would make my testing much easier to not have to immediately start in panic mode when I send a new build up that might have some wing twist and can’t be handled by the autopilot or a slightly different center of gravity. I’m using pix 1 and testing just about every scenario you can imagine with various skywalkers, maja, etc. would really like to just upload software with my speed and l1, tecs, egg any not have to worry it’s going to roll over on itself. Thoughts?

Some roll offset should be handled by the autopilot all fine as long as you calibrate the airframe and level horizon before the first flight.

Awesome! Ok great to hear and I always do the calibrations. Just want to get as much pre-flight understanding and confidence (without being overly reliant) while knowing what it can and can not do. Much appreciated.