Lateral Movements with Additional Thrusters

Hi All,

Im hoping to make an underwater vehicle based on the PX4 stack. As part of our design goals we would like to have full 6DOF motion control, as such we would be able to navigate to a specific depth and then using lateral thrusters move to either side without affecting the vehicle attitude, that is it can move around freely whilst staying level,yet not give up the full attitude control which the stack already has.

I had hoped to use the standard mixers however it looks as though they do not control the lateral vehicle motions, just attitude. Our other options at this stage look like modifying the position control module.

So my question is, does anyone have any ideas or leads which I could pursue to achieve this. I dont mind having to attack the code, but Im sure theres an easier, simpler way!

Thanks in advance! Any input is greatly appreciated,


Hi Tom,

Have you seen the Hippocampus AUV work from @NRottmann?


If you have any question or if you need any further help, feel free to contact me. We are developing in our team unmanned underwater vehicles as you can see in the video.


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