Large-scale pipeline inspection

Hi all,
I have a very nice case , I would like to share with you.
Use Multicopter test in a large desert,it turned out great.
Can fly 40min in a single time,Very efficient work.


2022591140585|360x202, 100%

For more information, please contact me,thanks!


It is much more efficient than manual,How to get it,thanks.

HI,Find out more by this link MMC-UAV

I get that you guys are self promoting your products here as your screen names have the same ending (same in the hydrogen fuel cell post) but this is across different channels so maybe make or look for a relevant channel to post your products in.

I’m not sure this is allowed but then it is at least in one place and not all over the place. This is the flight test channel and log analysis channel. It’s always cool so see what people are making, just good to keep things in the correct spots so people looking for help or have questions, have a more direct pathway to that.