jMAVSIM loads in QGC with waypoints already defiend

jMAVSIM is loaded and starting correctly but when I then load QGC it connects to the drone and already has waypoints in the map. Is there a to just have it connect to sim and then let me define the mission?

Are you sure you didn’t upload those and some point in the past? The mission will stay on the vehicle until your clear it.

I am sure, every time I fire up the sim make px4_sitl_default jmavsim, it says “Mission #2 loaded:18 waypoints” and in QGC it is the same 18 waypoints everytime centered over a park in Zurich.

Running that command doesn’t clear waypionts. They persist from one run to another until you clear them.

it is always the same waypoint and pattern loaded. I delete them then shut downt he sim and restart and they show back up.I’ll try and capture a video in the next few days