JIYI BATMAN - Almost Ready To Fly TiltRotor VTOL


JIYI BATMAN is a almost ready to fly tiltrotor VTOL, design and manufactured by a Chinese company JIYI Robotics, and Thone.IO as open source flight controller technical adviser, UX consultant and reseller.

It’s made for VTOL developers who need a nice frame then you can focus on your works.

Flight Controller

It’s using an OEM version Pixhawk Mini, fmuv3, Manufactured by Holybro.
And have a decent vibration damper under the flight controller.

GPS and safety switch are mounted in the front cabin.

Power System

JIYI OEM 2216 800KV motor for three main output.

The servo and motor connector made of 6061 aluminum alloy, and servo seat made of 4043 aluminum alloy.

Interior Space

Middle Cabin have 70mm width, you can install a Raspberry Pi or Jetson companion computer in it.

Camera Cabinet

25mm width camera space, you could mount FPV camera or paste IMX219 camera for companion.


Unboxing Video

Flying Video


This product could ship with DHL globally, delivery fee about 200 dollars. Product price is in the above poster.
If you are interested in this product or have any questions, please send a mail to stone@thone.io , I’ll reply you in 24 hours.


Looks very neat. What’s the expected flight time?

In our test, 95% fixed-wing mode during whole flight, 90% throttle flight speed like video above, total flight time about 25 minutes.

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If flying slowly, I guess it could achieve one hour, I will test it later.

When is your initial estimated date of availability?

It’s available now, ready to ship, and lead time around two or three weeks.

Hello, how much coverage should i expected if used for mapping like soil analisys

please contact me for detail