Issue with EscStatus uORB Topic in PX4 to ROS2 DDS - SITL Works, Real Drone Doesn't

Problem Statement

I’ve successfully created a topic from the EscStatus uORB topic in PX4. I modified the DDS topics YAML as follows:


  - topic: /fmu/out/esc_status
    type: px4_msgs::msg::EscStatus

This worked perfectly in the Software In The Loop (SITL) simulation environment, and the esc_status topic appeared as expected. However, when I uploaded the configuration to the actual drone, the topic did not appear.
Steps Taken

-Updated the dds_topics.yaml file with the new topic configuration.
-Verified the new topic in SITL, where it showed up correctly.
-Attempted to upload the configuration to the physical drone.


The esc_status topic does not appear on the actual drone after uploading the configuration. I have a x500 kit v2 from holybro, with pixhawk 6C.
Request for Help

-Has anyone experienced a similar issue?
-Are there additional steps required to enable this topic on the actual hardware?
-Could this be a firmware compatibility issue or a problem with the hardware configuration?

Any advice or insights would be greatly appreciated!