Isolating MAVLink Module


I am trying to only build the MAVLink module, as I am trying to do some investigative work on fuzzing different sections of MAVLink. The approach I am took is that I made a separate clone of the whole repo and deleted almost all the modules besides the MAVLink module, and I have been messing with the top level Makefile and CMakeLists.txt to get rid of errors while compiling. An issue I have been stuck on is with the error :

ld: library not found for -ldrivers_board

I haven’t been able to resolve this, and I am not sure if I am even going in the right direction with what I have done so far. Does anyone have any guidance to help me isolate the MAVLink module and build it on its own?

I also see that there are some MAVLink specific make targets in the top level Makefile, would these help me build just the MAVLink module?