Is there a way to change what settings are saved QGCSettings

I enabled the joystick and noticed that in the .ini file, it says it’s enabled which is fine. But is there a way I can disable that feature for specifically the joystick? I would like to have the joystick disabled no matter what the last session was.

As in, the joystick is disabled by default on QGC startup no matter what? I don’t think that feature exists…

Maybe you could make a script that sets that value in the INI file, and then change your QGC shortcut to run that script before starting QGC.

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Do you by chance know where the ini file is loaded/used?

In the QGC source code? Nope, sorry.

I found that inside of the file if you put “settings.remove(“virtualJoystick”);” within the constructor around line 290, you can remove it from the ini file on start ups.