Is STIL nad HIL tuning are the same?

Hi everyone,

anyone can help with STIL and HIL .

I have tuned my quad on STIL . when i use my pixhawk for HIL it doesn’t fly . any idea why ??

You’ll need to expand on what you’re doing exactly, but the models you’re using in SITL and then in HITL probably aren’t the same.

Hi Dagar ,

thanks for the replay.

I am designing a bespoke quad . I have done some tuning on STIL . when I finished all the tuning ( pitch roll and yaw) on software in the loop. I ran the same model on Hardware in the loop ( HIL) with pixhawk. i was expecting the same tuning parameter from STIL will run on HIL but unfortunately didn’t work.
any help would be very helpful.


The parameters are stored on the actual device.

What Do you mean ? i also have an other problem. fore example i tune the qaud today . save all the parameter . the next day run the same quad with same paramter . it doesnt fly . i dont know why ?