IO failure?

I was out for a test flight today and did one succesfull flight. After that, I started getting this error on boot:

WARN  [px4io] fmu sent: "M: 2
O: 10000 10000 0 -10000 10000
 0 0 8000 8000 0 -1000"
px4io mixer send error -1
ERROR [mixer] failed to load mixers from /etc/mixers/X5.main.mix
ERROR [mixer] failed to load mixer
ERROR [init] Error loading mixer: /etc/mixers/X5.main.mix 
nsh: test: syntax error
INFO  [init] Mixer: /etc/mixers/pass.aux.mix on /dev/pwm_output1 

Why would that happen? Is IO “dead”? I tried to re-flash IO with px4io forceupdate 14662 /etc/extras/px4io-v2.bin and it just returns error -22. What does this error mean?

px4io forceupdate 14662 /etc/extras/px4io-v2.bin
WARN  [px4io] reboot failed - -22