Introducing a subsystem maintenance process

Hi All,

Given that our community is growing, I started to realize that our current quite centralized maintenance process is stopping to scale. It means that we have very diverse topics on the dev call and not enough time to dive into any of them at a reasonable depth. I would like to restructure this for subsystems (this could include RTOS support, fixed wing, multicopter, avoidance) such that faster and more efficient communication is possible and that decisions can be made on a subsystem level.

What this will require is also training subsystem maintainers on the quality assurance process and making sure there is alignment on longer-term design goals for the overall architecture.

It would be great if you could provide feedback on this, share potential concerns or highlight things about the merge process that you wanted to always raise but never got around to.



Related previous discussion and ideas.

I have no suggestions as I am still learning about the current process. But happy to participate as maintainer.