Intel Ready to Fly drone first flight crash

After setting up the drone and calibrating it using the QGroundControl application, I took the drone into a large room to have the first flight. I first flew it using the controller and the drone behaved correctly. After that I used the QGroundControl application to connect to the drone and used the ‘Takeoff’ option (as shown in the image below). The drone took off, then it started leaning back and flying diagonally, then it just shoot off and crashed into the ceiling. Could you give me any hints as of what might have caused the drone to suddenly fly out into the ceiling?

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I’m sorry your drone crashed. Without knowing all the details, the most obvious thing is that it is not meant to be flown indoors in a mode other than manual. I believe this is because the GPS does not work reliably and the barometer is not precise enough for the range of altitude that you have in a room. I’ve been able to fly it indoors POSCTL mode using a PX4Flow mounted on it (it has a sonar for sensing altitude)

Also, did you check the takeoff altitude?