In mission mode, different altitude waypoints not smooth

Is there a parameter I am missing to have straight line between two waypoints with different altitudes in mission mode ? I played with all the possible parameters I found (traj_P, jerk_auto/min/max, cruise_xy, and so on) but I feel because the regulation logic to next wp is based on PID, I always have this “stair” effect which I don’t want.

You can find some tests I did in simulation here. The jump to Z altitude is not too hard but not satisfying enough

Have you seen this parameter?

I was not sure if I tried that one so I retry but I still have the same behavior.

because I have short deadline I started to implement a solution using Offboard mode. I just dropping an idea but I feel it would be nice to have a parameter for this kind of situation rather than to have to set up 10 parameters and still not getting what it should be hehe… Something like


  • Safe: first reach the altitude before to move to waypoint
  • Straight: goes from one waypoint to another waypoint in a direct line

Let me ping @bresch here.

@Katawan Hi, this feature is now present on master and will be in the new v1.11 release.
An altitude change creates a nicely synchronized XYZ linear motion (no need to set any parameter, this is by default now).
I just tried in SITL:

Thank you for the answer ! I’m using offboard for now, but I might need mission again at some point so I’ll give a try. Good news !