Import Custom Gazebo World, Model, and Plugin into PX4

Hello, I am completely new to Gazebo and PX4. My environment is:
Ubuntu 20.04
Gazebo 9.15

I installed PX4 by doing:

~$ mkdir src && cd src
~/src$ git clone GitHub - garrettgibo/Firmware: PX4 Autopilot Software

In Gazebo, I have made a custom world “” that includes a custom model “landing_zone”. In the landing_zone.sdf, I have implemented a custom version of the Contact Sensor Plugin.

I am trying to import my custom .world, .cc, .hh, .sdf, CMakeLists.txt into the Firmware directory. I learned that PX4 separates all of these files into different directories.

How do I know which directory to put my files in and what adjustments I need to make in order for PX4 to load my custom world, model, and plugins?

I could not find any information on Gazebo Simulation | PX4 User Guide. Could someone please help me get started on importing custom Gazebo files into PX4?

Thank you very much for your time!

  • Thanh Tran