Implementing the Ping200X Transponder from uAvionix

Hey everybody, I鈥檓 planning on implementing a driver for the Ping200X transponder. I鈥檇 like to know if you had any advice regarding the implementation of it?

I know there鈥檚 already a SagetechMXS driver implementation, which I鈥檒l use as a template. But any other recommendation would be appreciated.

Also, I鈥檝e read on the documentation that we should base the driver on the Device framework (PX4-Autopilot/src/lib/drivers/device at main 路 PX4/PX4-Autopilot 路 GitHub) although I鈥檓 not exactly sure, what鈥檚 the advantage to it at the moment (maybe I just didn鈥檛 spend enough time looking at the code yet), any guidance would be much appreciated :).

PS. We already have it working with a Python script, the main job is to integrate it to the PX4 firmware.
PPS. I copied the message from Discord here.