ICON doesn't appear on AVD

Hi. I built QGC for Android and run it on AVD. It runs well, however, ICON doesn’t appear. I don’t know why. Could you tell me why this happen?


Same problem here, on AVM doesn’t show any icon but it looks like it works correctly.

On physical device it works no prob.



No idea what AVD is. QGC has hundreds of visual icons displayed in its ui. Saying the “icon” doesn’t show doesn’t help much in explaining the problem.

@DonLakeFlyer None of then icons, for example on main windows after connecting a mock connection.

AVD is a virtual device, Tried version 12, 11, 10. All of them show same behavior of not showing any icon in main page.


The one in the image is a custom build but it is just for the example, stable and daily are exactly the same.

Ah, ok. I’ve never tried getting that to work. So no idea what could be wrong.