I got stuck and need help with setting up flights modes in my Pixhawk. Please HELP!

OK. Like in topic, I have Pixhawk 2.4.8, receiver FrSky X6R, and radio Taranis X9E. All soft updated, and all calibrated. The problem is with flight modes, I have setup all in Open TX, and check in Open TX by “Simulate TX” function, and all look fine and work. I have uploaded all settings to the radio, and switches for my flights modes are working on the radio but it looks like they are not communicating with the Pixhawk. I gave up with this, need some help to fix this.

I live in London - Greenwich - SE13 7SE.

Happy to pay someone who will come and help me to fix it!

Cheers - Chris

Finally fixed!!! :):):slight_smile:
If anyone have the same problem here is the answer: