I entered the same parameters, but mavlink does not connect only on tel_2 port.

Same as title. Connection is not possible only on tel2 port even though Buadrate value and Rate parameter are entered identically. Is it possible that this port is bad?

Is this on Pixhawk 6X? Can you try to update to latest stable. This should have been fixed recently.

Thanks for your reply. However, the model we are using is the PIXHAWK 6C model. Can the latest STABLE firmware solve these problems?

I tried the latest stable mode update, but TEL2 PORT is still not activated. Could this be a pixhawk6 glitch problem?

Oh, so you’re saying Telem1 works but Telem2 does not?

In that case, have you enabled it via param?

I think it should be MAV_1_CONFIG to Telem 1

As a result of checking the parameter value, the parameter value is entered correctly. If this value is entered in TEL3 as it is, it works well in TEL3. The unrecognized problem persists with only the TEL2 port

I just confirmed that the TEL2 PORT works well when I change the running OS from Windows to Ubuntu!. But it still doesn’t work on Windows.

You mean the data is not received on Windows? Or it doesn’t work when you configure it on Windows?

Oh sorry I couldn’t write more precisely. It was that data could not be received from the WIndows-based O/S.

Hm, that’s odd. I would look for the problem on the Windows side then. Is the baudrate correct? And flow control off? I’d try on and off.

Baudrate matches exactly. The FLOW_CTRL parameter is also off. I’m trying the link in various ways, but it doesn’t work only on Windows. How strange.