How to use the mavros to get position groundtruth from jMAVSim sitl?

Hello guys!

I’m currently run some simulation in jMAVSim and use mavros to connect my python script and the PX4 autopilot. What I want to do is to receive the groundtruth state of vehicle from jMAVSim during the flight, so I can run some check and terminate experiment early to save the time.

PX4 autopilot use the mavlink message HIL_STATE_QUATERNION to record the groundtruth state from jMAVSim, so I presume subscribe this topic would get the data I wanted.

However, my ros client in python script cannot receive the same topic. Maybe I can use another client listening to the simulator port and receive this message. But before that, I would like to know, is there any other ways to extract the groundtruth state from jMAVSim?