How to use PCB reset switch?

Hi all -
I am messing around with some libopencm3 examples for the fmu - just turning led on / off. i am loading the elf through black magic probe jtag.

so i somehow messed up the board loading a binary in, and the black magic probe doesn’t detect the board anymore with “mon swdp_scan”. however through some random pressing of the pcb reset switch i got it redetect the board and managed to load back in the “px4fmuv2_bl.elf”

i am wondering if anyone could help me figure out how exactly the pcb reset switch for the fmu works, cause i don’t want to spend 40 min randomly pressing it if i run into this again.


I’m sorry but we have no idea what software change you made and we’re unable to provide general embedded development advice. If you really develop on the PX4 Firmware please share a diff.