How to solve the collision between MAVROS rc_io and RC transmitter Signal


I am developing a control algorithm for fixed-wing UAV, which will run in Raspberry Pi. I use the MAVROS RC command to send the control output to PX4.

When I test SITL in Gazebo, everything is OK. Because the raspberry pi sends the MAVROS rc command to PX4, the UAV will work under the Attitude Mode.

However, when I test HITL in Xplane 10, the real RC transmitter signal will cover the raspberry pi rc_out output. The pixhawk will only accept the RC transmitter signal even we don’t touch the RC.

I thought they use the same uorb topic. If both of them want to control the UAV under attitude mode, the attitute controller will accept all of them. Currently, only the RC transmitter signal can be accepted. Is that because RC has higher priority than others? How to change this priority?

Could you please check it?@JulianOes

Thank you!

Can you check this param?