How to setup Benewake LiDARs for obstacle avoidance?

Hello all great people
I want to setup Benewake mini-S for obstacle avoidance. In the parameters details it says that the value of EKF2_RNG_PITCH should be 90 degree

But in the following image it shows in radians while 90 degree in radian it is 1.57, can anybody tell me what should I do?

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Have you got any solution to use Benewake Lidar with PX4?
I am trying to find the way to make it work with PX4 but I still couldn’t find any solution.

Actually the problem is not connection but the orientation configuration but no body replied.

You can download the configuration instruction manual from the following link.

Thanks Ibrahim,

I’ll try this tomorrow :slight_smile:

Can you please tell how many sensors you used. Is one sensor sufficient?

It depends, how many directions you want to cover, but the problem is PX4 has no support for Benewake IIC sensors, and another point is only vision based obstacle avoidance is supported by PX4.

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