How to set the driver in different section?

Hi all. I want to porting the px4 to a new IC. now. the ITCM is only 512K, so I need to put some driver and module of the firmware on the SDRAM. how to change the section of a part of the fimware?
such as the src/driver/ms5611. this add by cmake, so how to set the section of the driver?


you cannot put your Firmware on SDRAM. It’s used by the system to store data durin runtime and it loses all data when you it’s not powered anymore. The SDRAM is just not designed to contain the Firmware binaries.
You could remove some modules but I think the PX4 flight stack is just to big for 512K. Is the board you want to use part of the supported boards? ( Or do you just have the IC and want your own board?