How to pull codes that upload drone?

Hi everyone, i am student who interested with drones and RPi. I wanna learn how to pull about pixhawk codes that uploaded by QGroundControl. To put it more simply, I will create multiple flight plans. And I want to upload the codes to pixhawk in RPi with wifi/bluethoth without connecting QGroundControle. I need to keep at least 5-6 flight plans in a folder in the RPi. How can I store the flight plans I have prepared? And how can i upload to pixhawk? I encounter with some topics Mavlinks and others. Is it right way for start? I wanna only basic tings to learn. Can you help me?


The plugin Mission of MAVSDK could be what you are looking for. You store the missions in your RPi and upload them to the pixhawk using MAVSDK. You can have a look to an example here. MAVSDK is also available in others languages than C++ so you might take the one you are the most confortable with.