How to get data position in real time with EMLID kit

Hi guys. I’m developing research using the following components: Reach RS+, Reach M+ and the Edge controller with the WiFi kit. Then, in one of our applications, we are making the flight plan and getting the photos with a Mapir Survey 2 and recording the events from the Reach M+ with an Arduino Nano marking the times, but I need to make a test about this yet.

On the other hand, we are using the Mapir Survey 2 to make streaming to a ground station and in this laptop making the detection and classification of tree species from Brazilian Savanah. However in this case when the algorithm identifies the tree we want to record the positions without the Reach M+, only using the flight in RTK mode with the coordinates provided by the QGC, because the code will crop the photo and at this moment we want to record the position, and for this, we need to access the positions in the QGC (where is our problem right now). Does someone know how to get the positions for this case?

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David Di Martini

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