How to connect Host QGC & VMWare's STIL's UDP link

Hey community, I had a quick question regarding the SITL connection, and since I couldn’t find a replica of this question and thought this would help someone else in the future, I decided to post the question here.

Essentially, I want to get the following setup working:

  • QGC installed on host computer (e.g. Windows OS)
  • SITL running inside VMWare Workstation (Ubuntu, ‘make px4_sitl_default gazebo HEADLESS=1’)

Currently, it seems that the UDP link doesn’t connect to each other

Hence, the QGC doesn’t connect to the SITL craft even with ‘UDP’ auto-connect option enabled in it’s settings.

Screenshot of Ubuntu VM’s network settings for Context

I assume that this is basically a network setup problem inside VMWare (presumably since VMWare’s localhost is NOT the same as the Host OS’s localhost, but not sure).

Would appreciate any tips!

QCG needs to know the IP address of where the SITL is running.
Regardless of the host sharing mode, the VM will have it’s own IP address, so localhost will not work.
From a terminal session if you type ifconfig you should be able to find the VM’s ip address.

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Nat uses only the hosts IP so it transferes only requests to the net.
A full connection needs always Bridged networking to the apropriate physical nic having a separate IP.