How to changge pitch rate P gain max value

Hi guys, I need your help! I want to change the max value of pitch rate P gain, but how?

Change it there, rebuild the firmware, then reflash using QGC.

Well, you can always force a value greater than max. I would not go with Mark’s suggestion but instead tick the “force” checkbox in QGroundControl.

Thank you for your answer! I’ll try it!

Lorenz, I could’nt find the “force”. Would you get a screenshot for me? or description it detailed.
Thank you!

How it works? There are comments. I am confused.

Type in the value you want which is above the max, click Save. QGC will complain about value out of range. At this point a Force Save checkbox will show up to allow you to override the min/max constraints.

Thank you for your answer!I got it!