How do I turn off Microhard support?

I’m trying to build QGC and I get this error:

/home/phma/src/qgroundcontrol/src/Microhard/ error: no member named 'microhardManager' in 'QGCToolbox'
        std::string userName = qgcApp()->toolbox()->microhardManager()->configUserName().toStdString() + "\n";
                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ^

I filed a bug report and got the answer “Looks like you turned on microhard support. I don’t think that is working.” But I haven’t turned anything on or off; I just pulled the source code and tried to build. How do I turn it off?

P. J. Pereira fixed one CMakeLists file, I fixed another, and now it compiles. I’m just waiting for someone to approve and merge my pull request.