Home_position topic disapear

Hello ,

I use the home_position topic off PX4 to have x, y and w relative to the home position I want.

I use VEHICLE_CMD_DO_SET_HOME to di this and It was perfectly working but since a few days , this topic disappear… !!!

I have tried all possible version of PX4 , stabe , master, custom builds … but i can’t find home_poisition topic any ware.
I do cd obj and ls , but home_position is never present ?!!
How this can be possible ?

Thanks for any help.

Screenshot from 2024-05-13 14-38-55

I test by sitl,home_position present

Yes it was persent on my pixhawk also, but not now ?!! I don’t understand how this can be possible.
I was using this topic with ros and it was also present before in /fum/out/home_position
Now is not present for me in obj… so the uorb topic don’t exist anymore !! :frowning:
It’s so stange…