Holybro Airspeed Sensor Tubing Connection

I just took delivery of a Pixhawk Cube 2.1, Hero2 GPS, and a Holybro airspeed sensor. I’m used to the world of Spektrum – and the Spektrum airspeed sensor’s silicone tubing has to be connected up a specific way to the sensor.

What I found at http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/airspeed.html suggests that this might also be the case for the Holybro: “The tube coming straight out the back should go into the top port and the tube exiting at an angle should connect to the bottom port on the airspeed sensor.”

Is that true for the Holybro airspeed sensor 1.3, please?
Thanks in advance

In px4 firmware the top port is dynamic, bottom is static, as described above. You’ll get an error during calibration if they’re upside down.
In ArduPilot it doesn’t actually matter anymore as the current driver will automatically detect and correct if you do it the wrong way around.
If you’re using ArduPilot, best to ask for assistance at discuss.ardupilot.org