HITL Support in QGC

We are using XPlane with QGC and PX4. It looks like in the latest commits for QGC this support is being removed.

Is HITL support being removed from QGC?

HITL is no longer supported by QGC

Thank you for the response.

Are there other solutions that people are using for HITL?

(That may or may not be a QGC DEV question, but I thought it made sense to ask it here just in case someone else comes across this question)

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Hi, Iā€™m using HITL for UAV pilot training and custom flight controller testing, If HITL is no longer supported, It is very sad news.

You should be able to still run HITL using Gazebo.

I have a PX4 on a quadCopter and Im trying to run it on my computer with HITL.
The documentation i found is using QGC - is the current version still support HITL with Gazebo?

Same answer as 13 days ago.

where to find the guide?do you mind share the websites?