Hereflow optical flow sensor support


I’m using pixhawk2.1 and px4.
I know that px4flow is supported. but I want to use the new sensor, hereflow.

but hereflow interface is CAN and I cannot found parameter about CAN port on px4.

APM has supported this sensor since April 2019, but PX4 has no issues, so i ask.

Is there any way to control the Opticalflow using the CAN port?

If not, can you update this sensor to support it on px4?


I would also like to use this sensor. They claim incredible accuracy.

I can see here that support is work in progress:

I have uploaded the latest firmware and connected the HereFlow to my Pixhawk 2.1 (cube).
I have enabled UAVCAN as per the instructions
However when I listen to the topic (Mavlink console >listener optical_flow0 -n 5 )
I can see that the values are not updated, and that the sensor_id = 0 which seems strange.
Also the frame_count is stuck at zero


Has anyone managed to make this work? Would be very keen to test it

In case it helps the command uavcan status produces this:

So it would seem that the flow device is detected, and has id 125

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Now it can work under master branch. But the distance sensor does not have reading.

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How did you set it up? Like what kind of parameters did you set to make it work? I tried, but could not figure it out.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

How can we know when hereflow support will be available in the px4 group?

Does anyone know if there are any plans to also support the lidar range finder on the device?