Help required with Android build

I’ve been spending the last few weeks trying to build QGC for Android without any success.
Spend hours looking through forums and reports on GitHub trying to get answers for the various problems occurring. - Trying to build on Ununtu 22.04, but can use Windows11 if required.

Could someone please tell me:

  • what version java is working ? (in regards to Android build process)
  • what NDK version is working ? (in regards to Android build process)

Can build Desktop version for Windows & Linux (somewhat buggy) but Android is just not happening.
I Found in Ubuntu 22.04 can’t build the Android kit with Java 11 (as recommended in build intsructions)
Jet in Windows 11 in builds the Kit OK, but then has Java related failure when trying to build. Java 17 works in Windows 11 up until the .apk build process starts and then fails.
In Ubuntu have to use Java 19 to get Android Kit build and works also up until the point when the Android specific part is commencing. Might get Java related build fault in regards to obsolete features being called for, or “Cannot find application binary in,…”

Note on the side: Would be helpful to state in the build instructions that for Android build process an internet connection is required in order for Gradle to download appropriate .zip file version.