Help please px4 v1

I went to update my Pixhawk v1 with QGroundControl now the b/e flickers red and activity is blinking blue
Now it’s not being recognized
Using Mac OS X

I don’t use a Mac but you can try this:

  • Make sure nothing is plugged into the Mac, then powercycle it (shut down, wait two minutes then power back up).
  • When it’s up, open QGC and click on the Firmware tab.
  • Plug in the Pixhawk and try to reinstall the firmware.
  • Pay close attention to the Version, Flash size and what .px4 it’s installing.
  • If the Version is 4 and Flash size is something like 2080768 then update the bootloader.
  • If the above is not the case, hopefully the reinstall has corrected the issue.
  • You can also reverting back to an older release.

Good luck.